Longboi Fleece Sweater

We already made your dog's favourite sweater, so now it's your turn! Match with your doxie with four bi-colour fleece sweaters to choose from.

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Hi, We're Longboi 👋

As doxie parents ourselves, we know how much our long-bodied friends mean to us. That's why we designed all of our products with the beloved breed in mind.

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Longboi Values

We believe in sustainability, friendship and equality.

  • Friendship

    Your dog is not merely a pet, but a beloved family member. Living mindfully will help you treat your best friend with kindness and compassion, and make the world a more peaceful place.

  • Sustainability

    As members of a global community, it's our responsibility to work together to protect and heal the planet. We only use products and materials that are environmentally friendly.

  • Equality

    We believe animals should never suffer or die in the name of food, beauty, fashion, or entertainment. All of our products will always reflect our love of animals.