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Dachshund Raincoat

Dachshund Raincoat

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Product Description

Being mere inches off the ground can be hard enough when its not raining but only gets harder when it's wet outside. Like our other dachshund products, we've designed our Dachshund Raicoat with long bodies in mind.

Covering the back and chest to keep your dog warm and dry. Deep chested dogs are cursed with their chests being much closer to the ground so we wanted to make sure they were covered...literally.

This raincoat is made of waterproof material that stretches to allow fluid movement for all of your dogs legs. It is lined with light fleece...perfect for cool rainy walks or hikes. 

The buckle can be fastened on the back of the dog under the coat to make for a really sleek and smooth look that allows water to roll right off the back, or, it can be buckled on top of the coat to make it more of a splash guard from water on the ground.

This raincoat features our first ever hood to keep your dogs head and ears nice and dry. The hood can be scrunched down on the neck if it isn't necessary for the weather you're having. Using a draw cord on the neck you are able to tighten the width of the neck piece to hug as snuggly or loosely as your dog prefers. Leg pieces are secured using an adjustable elastic to keep the jacket as close to the body as possible even in motion. 

This product is made ethically by hand in Toronto, Canada.

This raincoat is adjustable and each size accommodates a very wide range of dachshunds but please measure your dachshund before ordering using the dimensions size chart below to ensure that you order the size that will fit.

Products usually ship out in 2-3 days.

This design is Patent Pending



XS = 34cm / 28cm / 30 - 45cm

S = 36cm / 30cm / 35 - 55cm

M = 40cm / 34cm / 40 - 65cm

L = 44cm / 36cm / 40 - 70cm

XL = 49cm / 40cm / 50 - 80cm

See our size chart below.

Made for dachshunds

This jacket was designed entirely with the dachshund body in mind.

The design uniquely features a fully adjustable chest & belly piece that adjusts from the teeny tiny chested pups to the the large and in charge deep chested doggos.

It also includes an adjustable hood that accomodates the long doxie neck and... 🥁🥁🥁... actually stays up!

Sustainable production

This jacket is made by hand in Toronto, Canada using sustainable manufacturing processes, so it's not only good for your dachshund, but also good for the planet.

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Made with 🤎 in Canada 🇨🇦

This jacket is made sustainably by hand in Toronto, Canada. It was designed entirely with the dachshund body in mind.

Warm 😌 & waterproof 💦

The dachshund raincoat is made with a water rapellent shell and lined with fleece to keep your doxie warm & dry for those rainy walks.

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Customer Reviews

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Megann D.M.
Amazing, as always!

The raincoat fits perfectly and the rain just rolls down the jacket, it's long enough to protect his sides and bum, honestly great! The color is amazing and it's such good quality. A big fan of their produits! (My 4th item with longboi so far!)

Carmen mother of two dachshunds
Rain coat

Love at first sight! I could not wait for these neon raincoats to come back in-stock and as soon as I saw that they were I jumped to purchase them. They are well crafted and fit my two dachshund puppies awesomely. I took them out for a run in the snow and they were super comfortable, dry and not to mention easy to spot with the neon color! Thanks for making these dachshund specific coats, we all appreciate it!

Elizabeth Haselbah
Dachshund Raincoat

Great product. Perfect fit.


I want to give 5 points, but I'm very sorry that the delivery was delayed by 3 days due to a delivery accident, that the packaging of the product was open, and that it was damaged and ripped. By the way, comparing what is written on the website with the product I received, it seems that the size fits without any major errors. There was a big delivery accident and I was very disappointed with the response, but I was satisfied with the product. I ordered all the rest of the clothes and plan to receive them tomorrow

Fits good

It's really cute and it does help keep his barrel chest from being a soggy mess after walks outside, either while its raining or shortly after rain has stopped. My gripe is the placement of the buckle. If you are using a harness and looping it through the leash hole, as the jacket is designed....The leash latch clickity clacks against the buckle. My puppy is not impressed with the noise, nor am I. He gets more used to it with each walk, but it doesn't mean it's any less noisy. Additionally it took me a couple walks to realize how I was supposed to use the little leg loops. That's user error, but then after the first walk where we used the leg loops correctly, one of the little caps was lost and it's just a big loop now. I could tie it in a knot, but then of course the adjustability is lost. Overall I'm hoping this coat lasts a lifetime, because it's vibrant for night walks, and it does fit him perfect, and it is quite cute. But, there are some things that could be better, it is an expensive coat for a dog afterall.