Our Commitment to Earth

Earth made from Longboi fleece sweaters
Earth made out of blue and green Longboi fleece sweaters

When we started Longboi, our number one priority was making products that were perfect for dachshunds. Of course this meant making them long enough to fit their long bodies, but what is a dachshund without a little bit of adventure? 
Either at the park, on a hike, or by the water.

With this in mind, we had to make products that were washable, durable and unrestrictive, so we designed accordingly. But we knew that we couldn’t make products that are meant to be worn and enjoyed on adventures without actively working to preserve the spaces where these adventures happen.

At Longboi we feel the full weight of our responsibility to do good for our planet. We know that fashion brands are huge contributors to the climate crisis and we are determined to make our carbon footprint as small as possible while still creating the highest quality products for you and your dachshund. 

We are actively employing practices that make sure we are as eco-friendly as possible. The first thing we do is try to always source recycled & eco-friendly textiles for our production. 

Our sweaters are made from the same fleece used by patagonia - it’s made of recycled water bottles!

The bottles are washed, sorted and chopped into really tiny pieces. Those tiny pieces are blended, melted and turned into fibres which are then used to produce fabrics the same way any thread would be used. We also produce all of our dog products by hand to significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases used in production. 

As our company grows and scales, we promise that we will always hold the health of our planet at the top of our priorities to make sure we are making a positive impact all around. 

Lots of love,

The Longboi Team

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